Results Based Facebook Advertising

Lead Generation and Local campaigns 

with guaranteed results!

Social advertising with guaranteed performance or your money back*Your Facebook ad will be

 seen by your target audience at least 8 times per campaign or get that month’s money back*

The Right Target


Choose and define the exact customer segment you want to reach. Facebook’s detailed and comprehensive targeting options guarantee your ads are seen only by your selected segment to maximize results

Local visibility

Take advantage of the power of location. Local campaigns targeting only people within the immediate proximity of your stores guarantee instant results and the most relevant visibility

Real results

Stay in control and know exactly what you pay for. You know your reach and frequency leads or clicks even before starting the campaign. No surprises or guesswork, only real results

 Easy Set-Up

Digital can be easy and effective. Our unique technology and the innovative concept assure an easy & secure campaign set up split into simple phases, on top of specific targeting & guaranteed. Always.



A minimum number of unique people reached


A minimum frequency, or number of clicks or leads per campaign reached


No more guesses. Guaranteed reach and frequency, always.

Facebook Advertising provides top ROI for Services Providers and Retailers

Promote your brand through products that people know, trust, and use every day. Leading websites & apps use our platform to build customized card-linked offer rewards and loyalty programs, providing extensive reach unavailable on any other platform.

Service Providers

Lead Generation

If you provide services, you want to - 

Reach a very specific audience

That is in the market for your services

And promote an offer to them

Generating Quality Leads


Proximity Marketing

If have own a retail location, you want

to - Reach a specific audience

Close to your location

That responds to promotion

Generating Quality Walk-Ins

Meet our Technology Partner - GotU
who won the Facebook Innovation Award

This means your next Facebook campaign is going to be powered by a customer-centric advertising technology that has been identified as a game-changing innovation among Facebook Marketing Partners in the advertising industry.

Thousands of Local Business Served Around The Globe

Via our partnership with GotU and working

with our clients for years, we have the DATA and CREATIVE minds to execute the best converting campaigns. 

See what a retail client SeeMee had to say about

real world results they got from us.

Businesses Served

Guaranteed Reach
Guaranteed Performance

Guaranteed Results

Unleash the power of location

Start generating real results today, grow your business

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