Pay Per Result Promotions

Advertise on the best websites & apps

FOR FREE and only pay for in-store sales.

Reach millions of consumers and ignite your in-store revenue without paying or clicks and

impressions, while unlocking complete online to offline sales attribution.

Exclusive Distribution 

Showcase your brand on the engagement and loyalty programs of leading digital publishers, unavailable through any other platform.

Full Offline Attribution

Close the online to offline gap– unlock transparent in-store sales attribution using our comprehensive, real-time analytics dashboard.

 Only Pay For In store Sales

Your brand is promoted to millions of potential consumers and you only pay for sales, with zero fees for clicks or impressions.

Exclusive reach to over 225M consumers

Promote your brand through products that people know, trust, and use every day. Leading websites & apps use our platform to build customized card-linked offer rewards and loyalty programs, providing extensive reach unavailable on any other platform.

Real foot traffic.

Real revenue.

Drive motivated customers into your physical stores and only pay a fee when they make a verified purchase– the impressions and clicks are free. Consumers enjoy real-time reward notifications, 

 and you get a guaranteed minimum 5X ROAS.

Analyze campaign impact and validate results

Easily visualize the true effect of your in-store

 card-linked offer campaigns across cohorts with

reporting that measures incremental 

lift, pre-campaign vs. during-campaign spend,

 transaction analysis, average order value,

and geo-spacial distribution

True Offline Analytics

Analyze, measure, and improve campaign performance with 24/7 access to your real-time online to offline sales dashboard.

Transform your

bottom line with CPR

100% Attribution to In-Store Revenue

Incremental Revenue Lift Reporting
No Cost for Impressions, Clicks, or Visits

Self-Funding with No Upfront Costs or Minimums
Minimum 5X ROAS Guaranteed

No Ad or Click Fraud

Invest in the future of digital marketing.

Join the forward-thinking brands accelerating

 their revenue with card-linked offers.

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